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5 Best games to play with kids when camping: A list of our favorite games to play while camping.

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

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At Long Day camping co. we love to be with family and friends outdoors. We love spending time relaxing around a fire or gathered together on a picnic table. The kids may not always get along or love when I beat them at almost every game we play, but we are together and that's what counts. Here is a list of our favorite games we play while camping with our kids.

Dominion (Board Game)

This is a great game to play with teens and adults. There is a short learning curve, but by the second game things move along very quickly. My son loves strategy games and this is one of the best for a simple introduction into games that adults and kids can enjoy.

Catan (Board Game)

What a fun game for the whole family. This game is simple enough for the younger kids and easy enough for the grandparents to play as well. This game continues on with the strategy side of games, but is slightly easier to pick up than dominion. Game play lasts around 1 hour and our family has had endless amounts of fun trading, bartering and strategizing our settlements.


Get a set of inexpensive poker chips and teach the kids how to gamble at an early age. Your never too young to learn how to make a buck. Kids love learning how to play a game when you throw 5 bucks into the pot and say the winner gets this money. Now truth be told I usually win the 5 bucks and the kids end up crying, but the next lesson to learn is you don't always win in life.


An old time classic that never gets old. I mean really who doesn't want to have complete world domination over your friends and family. This one can be a bit long, but your camping and have all day. Also we camp with several other families so there is always enough kids to play this game.

#1 Mafia

Our number one game when camping is a card game called mafia. We usually play this around the fire at night as it lends itself perfectly because you need to be in a circle to play this game. You need to have 10 people to play a good game and it is super fun for the kids. You start with a narrator who coordinates the game. They hand out the cards of mafia, healer, detective, and townsfolk. Players are secretly assigned the role of Mafia or Civilians and do their best to eliminate the other team. It leads to loads of fun at the end of the day of camping.

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