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Gift Ideas For Campers Who Love To Cook

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Getting to cook delicious meals at camp and share those meals outdoors with friends and family is one of my favorite things in life.

Those moments around a campfire or picnic table enjoying delicious food are special.

For all the people in your life who love to cook while camping, this gift guide is for them!

Below you’ll find useful and unique gifts whether your person wants to cook over the campfire or just enjoy the meal - this list has you covered.

1. Great dutch oven options:

Cooking with a dutch oven is one of my favorite things to do while camping! A dutch oven will open up a whole new world of cooking opportunities for the camp chef in your life.

Amazing set of blades for the camper foodie!!!

Go with a heavy duty "cast iron" pie iron. The cheap ones are made of aluminum and do not last long.

Stop using sticks and crappy utensils when cooking while camping. Upgrade your cooking set to make the most enjoyable meals even better by the fire or at the picnic table.

If you don’t have one of these what are you waiting for? Have you not noticed 2 out of every 4 campsite has one of these already. There is a reason why they have them because they are awesome and make the perfect gift for anyone!!!!

This is a game changer. We have a small little one I put by the fold out chairs and have my coffee ready in the morning. We also have a bigger one next to the grill or smoker to prepare the delicious grilled or smoked meats for the day. Here are the two I recommend and both are great gifts.

If you like to cook on a fire you have to have a pair of these. You can easily move logs around to any position for the best cooking over a fire you have ever had. And lets be honest there is not a lot of things cooler than picking up a burning log with your hands.

This thing is amazing. My brother makes huge breakfasts for the whole family cooking over a fire. He has bacon, eggs, hash, veggies all in one skillet. If nothing else its a really nice conversation piece on who has the biggest pan in the campground.

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