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Do you really need to wear heat resistant gloves while tending a campfire?

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Do you love spending time outdoors around a campfire? There's something about the flames that just makes everything feel more relaxing. If you're looking for a way to make your campfires even better, consider using fire gloves! Fire gloves will help protect your hands from the heat of the flames, and they can also help you handle hot objects more easily. In this blog post, we will discuss how to use fire gloves for campfires and provide some tips on how to stay safe while enjoying this fun activity!

Use Heat Resistant Campfire Gloves For Safer Campsite Cooking

Camping is a popular pastime for many people, but you might not realize how useful campfire gloves can be. Most kitchens contain oven mitts or hot pads to prevent burns and accidents, so it's just as important to have hand protection while cooking outdoors over a campfire. Hand Protection can be the difference between enjoying a cup of cocoa or suffering from blistering wounds. My family and I cook over the fire as much as possible when we are out camping. We have cast iron skillets on the fire, dutch ovens on the fire, pots on the fire, and grates over the fire. The Long day camping gloves are designed to keep your hands safe and give you the ability to cook safely over any fire. I use them while I am grilling to prevent burns. My favorite use of them other than over the fire is with my smoker. I can reach into a smoker and pull out any piece of meat without my hands melting.

How To Choose Campfire Gloves

Campfire gloves are generally made of either traditional leather or suede, or newer fire resistant materials. It's important to note that all types provide good heat protection; however, there are other factors you might want to take into account as you shop for your own pair.

Campfires tend to create sparks that can hurt people if they're not careful. Many individuals prefer gloves that come up past their wrists for extra protection from wayward flames. Long day camping co gloves are 16 inch in length and give you the extra protection that most shorter pairs of gloves do not.

Not only are campfires dirty, but some gloves aren't washable, so it's important to choose a pair that meets your needs.

Cooking over an open flame often means constantly moving logs around to build the perfect fire, but it also involves more delicate tasks like lifting pot handles and using utensils. Our camping gloves are perfect for campfire cooking. Different gloves offer different degrees of protection so it's worth taking the time to find a pair that works well for you. Since many of the campfire gloves on the market are quite durable and can be used for other purposes beyond cooking and tending fires.

Do You Really Need Campfire Gloves?

Yes, you need campfire gloves to keep your hands safe. If you want to build a fire and cook over it while camping, campfire gloves will increase your safety. No one is handing out ribbons to the champion who sticks their hand into an open flame. No one wants to spend all day putting up a campsite only to have another camper or yourself suffer an accident when you sit down for supper. While all burns aren't necessarily deadly, pain may bring the enjoyment out of a get-away. Furthermore, having any open wound in the outdoors necessitates additional attention and First Aid so that the wound can be kept clean.

To avoid drama or trauma, it is a small price to pay to wear gloves while around a campfire. If you would put on oven mitts in the kitchen and take other measures

Things to consider:

  • Campfires and cooking can be messy. Hands sweat. Are the gloves cleanable? Machine washable? Do they have a carrying bag?

  • Size Matters. If you have small hands, many one-size-fits-all campfire gloves won't cut it. When picking up fire logs you don’t need to have the best dexterity.

  • Do the gloves promise the dexterity you think you'll need while managing a campfire and handling utensils and cutlery?

  • If you're looking for durable gloves, campfire gloves are a great option. They're usually made with natural materials like leather and suede, as well as man-made fireproof materials. So you can rest assured knowing your hands will be protected.

  • To protect your wrist from the cold, choose a pair of campfire gloves that cover the entire wrist or go up part of the arm.

Best Campfire Gloves

These are hands down the best campfire gloves on the market.

1. Long Day Camping Campfire gloves


  • Hand and arm protection.

  • Traditional styling.

  • Fantastic Heat Resistance

  • Included Carrying bag


  • One size fits most might not work for small hands.

  • Dexterity might not be as good as more form fitting gloves, but much better heat resistant.


The Long day camping co fire glove is a good glove for traditionalists looking for fire protection and a glove for tasks not requiring vast amounts of dexterity.

These gloves are the best campfire gloves on the market. What sets it apart from other competitors it the multiple layers of protection. Leather gloves are still mainstays in the outdoor world for a reason. They last!

A nice warm fire and good hot food can make what was a pretty good camping trip absolutely great.

While it is certainly possible to build, tend and cook on a campfire without a set of campfire gloves, it is safer to use a pair.

Putting on good fitting campfire gloves is a simple way to diminish some worry, increase safety and improve the quality of a trip. Campfire gloves are often multi-purpose too.

Which means you can not only cook with more peace of mind at the campsite, you might also be able to cut and carry wood, build a lean-to and handle other sharp objects without worry of cuts and splinters with the right set of gloves.

And, if you get washable, flexible gloves they can do double duty, serving as a solid kitchen mitt or a pit master glove as well.

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