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5 essential camping gear every camper needs to have.

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

At Long Day camping co. we love to have the best possible gear. We are still in our infancy and plan to make our own products soon. Here is a list of our must have camping gear that will make everyday the longest possible at the campground.

Portable Smoker

This product is a must have for any camper. Are you kidding me you don't have way to slow cook meat all day while you are sitting around a fire drinking beer. Your telling me that you didn't think it would be nice to put a pork butt or shoulder into a smoker and slowly smoke it all day for a easy and delicious pulled pork sandwich after a long day of hiking or biking. Wait a minute it never occurred to you that you could make ribs at a campsite that rivals most BBQ joints. Well I am here to tell you that you can and should give this a try. I use the portable County Smoker with hopper and it makes delicious meats for my tummy. It very portable and can even run off a portable electric power station if you are doing some serious remote camping or do not have access to power.


Yes plural hammocks as in several of them. These little beauties are the best thing created for kids to play in and for me to nap in. We will stack 3-5 high on two trees and the kids will have hours of entertainment flipping around, climbing and lounging. This is a super inexpensive way to have fun for the kids. I also love to take a nice book up in the 4th or 5th hammock high and read and nap.


Did you ever have a hard time starting a fire? Its usually either due to wet wood or that you do not have kindling. Grab two axes and use one as a wedge and the other as a hammer and split pieces of smaller wood to get your fire started easier. And its always really cool to walk around with axes in your hand. I mean you can pretend to be a viking its pretty bad ass.

Comfortable Camp Chair

Yes they do exist I have two different reccomendations here. The days of sitting on a log are long gone. Not much better than a log is the cheap walmart fold up chair that has no support and is very uncomfortable to sit in while consuming extraordinarily large quantities of beer. I mean come on I need to be pampered and comfortable around a fire drinking all day. My first chair that I love is the Coleman comfort smart suspension chair. This is like sitting on a little slice of heaven. Its stiff enough for some support, but has elastic bands that make the chair oh so comfy. The second chair I would recommend is the kijaro dual lock portable camping and sports chair. This chair locks in place and takes the sling out of those uncomfortable chairs. Both chairs are a must have if you plan on sitting around a fire in comfort while camping.

Whittling Knifes

Now this is a little out of the norm, but I love to whittle spoons when I go camping. Start by watching some silent spoon carving on youtube and you will be hooked. Its a great way to feel like your doing something while just sitting around. I mean really how cool would it be to spend an afternoon whittling a spoon that you can use later to scoop up that delicious pulled pork from your smoker. There is just 2 styles that you will need to get started. A bowl carving knife and a short knife. My favorite knives I use are below.

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