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5 Things to Get Excited About for Camping Season

After a long and arduous winter, we are emerging into the season of camping! I am thrilled to be thinking about camping season. Soon I'll be packing my bags and heading back to the Appalachian Trail with anticipation for summer hiking trips. As you can imagine, this has spurred an elation within me so deep it could only lead to writing about campfires under star-filled skies in the wilderness - which is exactly what I'm here doing now.

Even if you're not planning a PA camping trip, it's still possible to get excited for the season! Whether you'll be paddling in, hiking in, flying in, biking in or - why not? - driving your RV into the wilds of nature; there are plenty of reasons to feel hyped up and ready. Let’s take a look at five:

Sitting around the campfire with friends and family

Even if you don't leave your backyard, a campfire is still special in its own right. When summer camping with friends and family at night, every mundane worry fades away into the darkness as it's replaced by moments of pure bliss; cooking dinner or roasting marshmallows while laughing around the fire is a unique experience that will stay with you forever. My kids and family love playing games around the campfire and those times will be cherished forever.

Evening campfires offer a chance to assess the day, slow down amidst nature's serenity, and forge meaningful connections with others as well as ourselves.

Zipping open the tent first thing in the morning

Even before the break of dawn, when most people are still in their beds and Nature is enjoying her rest, I am already up for an adventure. With a cup of coffee in hand and nothing but breathtaking views around me, it's hard not to appreciate the start of another beautiful day. As one who rises early naturally, waking up ready to explore during my camping trips has become something that I genuinely look forward to! There have been mornings we woke up right next to a lake with the mist coming off the water is breathtaking way to start your day.

You get to do WHATEVER you want during the day

If you're craving a day of rest, why not lay in a hammock and read? Or if the kids are up for it, pick some blueberries together. If adventure is more your style, launch off on an energizing paddle or go searching for waterfalls! With no obligations to abide by but your own desires, take advantage of this freedom and explore at whichever pace makes you happiest. I love planning a hiking trip with the family and seeing where it takes us. We love to go kayaking which leads us to some cliffs that we go jumping off. The ideas are endless when you have nothing planned to do, but no matter what you choose it better than doing the laundry at.


During the winter, I usually forget just how breathtaking stargazing can be. Unfortunately, it's often too cold to actually lay down and take in the scenery if you're lucky enough to get away from light pollution. While it is true that the sky during winter tends to look more vibrant, admiring its beauty isn't as easy then compared to summer when camping season begins and there are plenty of chances for us to escape city lights and wrap ourselves up in a blanket of stars!

Disconnecting from modern society

To complete the list, I'm saving the most beneficial one for last since it's integral to everything we've discussed. Shut down your cell phone. Turn off all forms of media and news like TV, email, social media etc., put aside any deadlines or errands for groceries or laundry; don't bother about likes/comments on posts and tweets- just be with yourself (with family & friends if you wish). Dedicate two days in nature without worrying about anything else - I promise that you'll feel a deeper connection back to yourself again!

Allow yourself a break from the hustle and bustle of contemporary life - take this chance to re-evaluate what's meaningful to you. Doesn't that sound delightful? Go ahead, make time for your own growth; this is an invitation to build new experiences and restore inner harmony.

With that, I've shared with you the 5 activities that bring me immense joy when camping! What are your most anticipated moments of this year's camping season? Let me know in the comments section.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Happy Trails!

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