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5 Summer Backpacking tips

As summer roles around and your kids are getting ready to get out of school look to plan an epic outdoor adventure. The kids have been stuck inside or on their computers and a summer trip is just what everyone needs.

Summer backpacking have become increasingly more popular for families and students looking to get out on the trails. For those of you who have never hit the trail before here is a nice list of 5 backpacking tips.

  1. Do your research before you go out. There are alot of hiking and backpacking trails out there some easy some not so easy. Take a look at the numerous apps out there that will help with your research. I like to use AllTrails app which is a great resource.

2. Always Pack a First Aid Kit

Yes, you know that you need a basic kit with bandages, peroxide, 70% rubbing alcohol, and a few other first aid items, but when backpacking, you may need such things as antihistamines and antidiarrheals as well. Obviously, you want to travel light, so keep it small enough to fit in your backpack. I really like to have a nice first aid kit and lets be honest they aren’t that expensive.

3. Lightweight Pup Tents or rain fly for your hammock are a must

While you dream of laying out in the open in a sleeping bag under the stars, there are multiple reasons for packing a small, lightweight pup tent. Hammock camping is a great choice also going with a rain fly to keep you dry. There is really no way to predict if a quick overnight shower may or may not be coming so be prepared. You’re always safer with a light covering.

4. Assemble Basic Hiking Gear

One or two outfits, besides the one you are wearing, are a must. I like to bring a sweatshirt and sweatpants for some added warmth and the morning dew. You will be waking up earlier than you would be in you nice warm comfy bed so bring some added clothes. Besides, basic sanitation can help to prevent any bacteria from causing inflammation on your skin.

5. Those Little Extras Are Not Really Extra

Then there are so many little extras that you can’t leave home without. You are out in the wild and there are things to see and explore that you may never see again. So a small pair of binoculars are nice. I like to bring loads of snacks, pocket knife and a hatchet for splitting wood and making a fire.

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