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22 Hearty Breakfast Recipes To Try On Your Next Camping Trip

The best part of camping is waking up to the fresh smell of nature and enjoying a delicious breakfast outdoors. If you're looking for some inspiration, we've put together 18 of our favorite camping breakfast recipes. From pancakes to bacon, there's something here for everyone! So gather your supplies and get cooking – these recipes are sure to start your day off right!

If you're in search of breakfast recipes to make your next camping trip extra special, look no further! Our collection of 18 scrumptious and straightforward meals are sure to get the kids out of their tents faster than ever before. From campfire bacon to orange cinnamon rolls, these cooking ideas will bring your outdoor experience up a notch. Whether you decide on pre-making ingredients or starting from scratch when there, grab all the supplies needed for these delicious dishes and start off each day with nothing less than mouthwatering breakfast flavors!

Breakfast Recipes To Fire Up Your Appetite For Adventure!

1. Campfire Hash Recipe

You’ll enjoy this easy hodgepodge of a recipe for your camp breakfast. Potatoes, sausages, and corn make up this filling meal to start your day!

2. Strawberry and Nutella Sandwich

Ensure that a pie iron is part of your must-have camping supplies! This tool allows you to whip up speedy and simple breakfast ideas like... this strawberry and Nutella sandwich.

3. How To Make Breakfast Burritos

To make a delicious meal that'll satisfy your cravings, all you need to do is cook the potatoes and brown the sausages. Once they’re ready, scramble some eggs and add in the cut potatoes and sausages. Finally, wrap it in tortillas for an instant drool-worthy dish! Voilà — easy as one-two-three! this easy breakfast burrito recipe, you are good for the day.

4. Breakfast Burger

Taking up minimal space, it is worth bringing a biscuit-pan while camping to prepare breakfast dishes - the possibilities are endless!Eggs, biscuits, and this savory burger patty recipe will cook quick and easy!

5. Fruit and Yogurt Cones

Who said that bacon and eggs are the only breakfast food worth eating? Did you know that nutritious, scrumptious recipes for amazing breakfasts can easily include fresh fruit too? Give this healthy and delicious fruit and yogurt in cones a try and you’ll see breakfast in a different light!

6. Mountain Man Breakfast

The experts in camping can be relied upon to furnish us with an impeccable outdoor breakfast meal.Give this mountain man breakfast a try and cook it over the campfire in a good cast iron skillet.

7. Bacon And Egg Breakfast Sandwich Recipe

In the mood for something other than a breakfast burger? Perhaps a bacon and egg breakfast sandwich is more your thing.

8. Campfire Raspberry Double Dutch Baby

It’s a bit tricky to cook this pancake recipe with a custardy consistency in a Dutch oven. However, when you're presented with a delicious breakfast to enjoy, you'll be all too eager and willing to wake up for the challenge!

9. Bacon Egg Cheese Quesadillas

(NEW) Breakfast! Bacon Egg & Cheese Quesadillas Recipe

Bacon and eggs are the perfect combination for a delicious breakfast. But when you add cheese and tortillas, it turns into an irresistible meal that will leave your taste buds wanting more! delicious and filling breakfast quesadilla.

10. Dutch Oven Bacon-Cheese Pull Apart

Witness the joy on your family's faces as you present them with freshly-sliced pieces of their favorite dish! of this Dutch oven bacon-pull apart. Get ready to witness their eyes widen and mouths salivating, this recipe will certainly do the trick!

11. Potato-Sausage Foil Packs

Foil-wrapped camping recipes Why should breakfast at camp be any different than the other meals, especially when it comes to clean up? Reusable plates and utensils make for a hassle-free post-meal routine. Try this potato sausage foil pack you can easily prepare and clean up after.

12. Cheesy Bacon And Egg Hash

Can't believe I didn't invent this: Cheesy Bacon And Egg Hash

With plenty of breakfast hash recipes at our disposal, we decided to add a classic: bacon! In as quick as 30 minutes, you have one breakfast recipe ready for your little campers to wake up to.

13. Campfire Bacon

Make all your camping breakfast recipes better with bacon cooked over the campfire. Sizzle up delicious morsels of bacon and tantalize your taste buds with a delightful BBQ. Alternatively, wrap it in tin foil to let the flavoured fatty juices tenderly cook through for an indulgent treat. Mmm yummy!

14. Lumberjack Breakfast Packet

Have this meal packet for breakfast, Emboldened and prepared, you will be able to take on any tests that Mother Nature throws your way.

15. Farmer’s Breakfast Skillet

Awaken to the savory aroma of bacon and ham sizzling over a crackling campfire as you greet the glowing morning sun. Smother this farmer’s breakfast skillet with melted cheese for a satisfying first meal of the day.

16. Cowhorn Biscuits

Embrace the classic experience of roasted marshmallows over a campfire as we present to you... the cowhorn biscuits. It’s a fun food cooking technique–a camping signature.

17. Dutch Oven Bacon-Wrapped Cinnamon Rolls

With only fifteen minutes and a Dutch oven, you can prepare this delicious breakfast! Check out this recipe for one of the best cinnamon rolls you’ll ever taste.

18. Bangin Breakfast Potatoes

Potatoes are such dependable staples, especially for outdoor meals. They make great sides for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Take this bangin’ breakfast potato recipe and love good old taters even more!

19. Campfire Cinnamon Blueberry Bread Recipe

Your camping trip might lead you to a bumper crop of wild blueberries. They’re best eaten right off the bush, but you might want to bring more back to your camp for this cinnamon blueberry bread recipe.

20. Campfire Cinnamon Rolls

Freshly-squeezed orange juice out in the open will have you exclaiming, “This is the life!” But don’t throw those used-up orange halves and make these cinnamon rolls instead. One bite and you’ll also say, “Just when I thought this day couldn’t get any better!”

21. Campfire Beer Pancakes

Give your pancake recipe an upgrade with beer. Butter and maple syrup on top with a side of fried bacon will fire up your appetite for adventure for sure.

22. Stuffed French Toast

If you love French toast, this recipe will be your new favorite. With your pie iron, breakfast in the woods will be ready in a jiffy.

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