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14 Reasons why hammock camping is great!!!

The Long Day camping hammock stands out from the competition as a pro-quality product that is both affordable and lightweight. It also offers some of the most innovative features and user-friendly components/hardware on any hammocking setup - perfect for novice users or experienced outdoorsmen alike! With this kit, you can raise up your expectations at an incredibly low cost.

The Long Day camping hammock raises the bar for an ultralight, low cost, easy to use, complete hammock kit. it is the least expensive, pro-quality hammock kit on the market. Not surprisingly it hits the sweet spot for, price, ease of use and low weight. It’s a hammock kit that will work for beginner and expert hammock tent campers alike. Long day camping hammock is one of the only hammocks to come with an added camping pillow with the purchase of a hammock. Its a great deal for anyone looking to start out with some overnights in the woods.

Why are Hammock Tents Great?

  1. A Great Night’s Sleep!

  2. For those who have a properly-set up true backpacking hammock tent, they will find that sleeping in the air is much more comfortable than on ground. Not only do you get a peaceful night's rest every time but also no longer worry about uneven surfaces or limited space for your gear; these issues plague traditional camping set ups where one must navigate sloping terrain, rocky grounds, wet patches and protruding roots. With hammock camping all of this fades away to make room for cozy sweet dreams!

  3. Hammocks Are Way Cooler in the Summer

  4. Elevate your camping experience by sleeping off the ground in a hammock. Not only does it provide you with a more comfortable night's sleep, but lying on airy fabric will also keep you cool and sweat-free! To ensure an even cozier slumber during colder conditions, add an under-quilt to your setup for added warmth. With these simple steps, enjoy all the benefits of hammocking while remaining snug as a bug throughout the night!

  5. Dutchware Chameleon hammock. Complete bug protection but you still get a cooling effect on your backside, even in hot, humid, and buggy environments. Way preferable to a muggy tent!

  6. Better Campsite Options

  7. With a hammock, you don’t necessarily need to search for level terrain; all you require is two trees spaced between 12-15 feet apart. This flexibility allows campers the opportunity to take refuge in picturesque spots that are sheltered and free from pests. Moreover, it enables them to avoid overpopulated areas where camping sites have become unsightly and overcrowded.

  8. Sunrise hammock tent camping along the AT. Note that the hammock is directly over a sloping area covered with large rocks that would be un-campable with a tent.

  9. Solitude When You Want It

  10. If you seek tranquility on the Appalachian Trail or elsewhere, a hammock offers unparalleled freedom away from habituated camping areas. With more campsite options available to you, your desire for seclusion and privacy can be realized with greater ease than if pitching a tent in crowded social zones.

  11. Easy on the Environment

  12. Hammocks provide an excellent way to uphold Leave No Trace principles: Traditional campers may find themselves limited in options when seeking a campsite, while hammock camping allows you more flexibility. Additionally, since the fabric of a hammock doesn't touch the ground, it carries minimal ecological impact. To avoid harm or injury to trees and branches that bear your weight, use wide tree straps with diameters between 1″ and 1.5″ - almost all backpacking hammocks come pre-equipped with these straps! For further information on how best to practice LNT through Hammock Tent Camping please visit leave Hammocks are Lightweight. No need to bring a big bulky tent or heavy poles for a tent. Our camping hammock is only 1lb.

  13. 13 A lightweight or ultralight hammock setup (listed below) is as light, if not lighter than the lightest camping set up. What's more, it definitely beats sleeping in a tent!

  14. 14. Finally a Hammock Will Keep you Warm! Contrary to popular belief, hammocks are not cold - when correctly set up with an under-quilt, you can sleep comfortably and warmly in your hammock even on the chilliest of winter nights. The reason why many people don't believe this is because they do not understand how to properly use an under-quilt or have adjusted it incorrectly creating large gaps that let air escape. Not using an appropriate quilting system for a hammock is akin to someone attempting to lie directly on snow without any form of insulation; thus claiming all sleeping bags will make them chilly!

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