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13 Campfire Recipes that will make your mouth water

There's nothing quite like cooking over an open flame. The smoky flavor of the food is incomparable. In this blog post, we will share our favorite campfire recipes with you. These recipes are sure to make your mouth water! So, gather your ingredients and get ready to cook up a storm!

13 Campfire Recipes that will make your mouth water

The beautiful camping season is here and, with it, a chance to commune with the natural world while spending quality time with our families. But don't think you have to resign yourself to hot dogs or hamburgers when it comes to dinner - campfire recipes can be just as scrumptious! Let's explore what we can create outdoors this summer.

If camping is not your cup of tea, don't worry! You can still indulge in the alluring aroma and flavor of campfire food right in the comfort of your backyard. There's no better way to spend an evening with family than around a firepit while cooking up some tasty treats! And s'mores are only scratching the surface; there is much more that you can cook on a campfire, so here I share some options that we enjoy- ones which may just make it onto your menu too.

13 Delicious Campfire Recipes

Potatoes are a beloved favorite all around the world, and they make an amazing side dish for any food prepared at home or outdoors - like over your campfire or barbecue grill! Gather for Bread has put together an unbeatable recipe that pairs perfectly with burgers and hot dogs. You can add on some ranch-style seasoning to take these potatoes up one notch extra in deliciousness!

Even though s'mores are not on the list, campfire cones can be filled with whatever you desire! Chocolate chips, banana slices, strawberries - even butterfingers and mini reese cups. The possibilities are endless! Hip2Save has an incredible recipe that really showcases its versatility; our kids go crazy for them (we also make them on the grill!). My personal favorite is a combination of chocolate chips, strawberries and mini Reese's cups - so tasty!

There's no need to miss out on the deliciousness of French toast simply because you're camping! This Little Piglet has a simple enough recipe that can be prepared in 15 minutes or less and only takes 40 minutes to cook. To make sure your kids wake up to an awesome breakfast, plan ahead for this tasty treat. And if time is short, why not prepare some banana muffins as well? A quick and scrumptious way to kickstart their day!

Crafting this dinner is a breeze! Simply smother your chicken in BBQ sauce and include whatever veggies you have on hand. Not only will it be straightforward to make, but the flavors blend together perfectly too. Diethood has demonstrated how quickly we can put together this meal - my favorite combination includes zucchini, broccoli, peppers and mushrooms; yum! Mushrooms are definitely life-changing ingredients that transform any dish into something extraordinary.

Whether you're hiking or nestled around a campfire, snacking is the ultimate way to experience nature. And what better treat than Parmesan popcorn? Kitchen Concoctions has developed an easy and delicious recipe that I'm itching to try this season with my kids!

Nachos and kids? Such a classic combination, like chocolate and peanut butter! To make this tasty snack an even bigger hit for your family, utilize a cast iron pan. Feel free to personalize the recipe by adding any of your favorite pizza toppings - I'd suggest mushrooms if you want to follow my slight addiction (or just Cooking with Janica's exact recipe). Get ready for some deliciousness!

Instead of settling for the same old PB&J sandwiches while camping, why not spice things up with delectable hot ham and cheese sandwiches? We recommend using croissants or artisan buns to give it that extra kick. For an even tastier twist, try Taste & Tell's Hawaiian rolls option - you won't be disappointed!

Beer cheese is the ultimate treat for any fisherman. Accompanied by your favorite crackers or pretzels, this appetizer will surely satisfy and tantalize! I personally can't help but devour an entire bowl of beer cheese in one sitting - it's that delicious! Cooking Life to the Fullest even suggests using a disposable aluminum pan; easy cleanup and maximum taste satisfaction? Sign me up!

Cornbread is the perfect accompaniment to any dish - hamburgers, grilled chicken or whatever tickles your fancy! Making it in a cast iron skillet gives you an incredible texture and flavor. With Fresh Off The Grid's foolproof method, all that stands between you and this delicious grain-based treat are some basic dry ingredients which can be prepped ahead of time for convenience.

For this recipe, pre-planning is a must. Make the marinade ahead of time—it'll be good for two days and will last until you're ready to go camping! The incredible Cooking with Janica has done it again; she's come up with an impressive campfire meal that looks absolutely delicious. Don't miss out on giving your friends and family something memorable when you head outdoors together––this recipe is sure to wow them all!

Meatballs in tomato sauce with a side of salad and garlic bread – what's not to love? Kitchen Concotions has come through yet again, providing us with another fantastic campfire recipe. You can even prepare the meatballs beforehand if you're short on time, as this dish is swiftly put together in no more than several minutes!

If you're searching for an easy, delicious meal to make ahead of time, A Thrifty Mom's French bread pizza recipe is just the ticket. Not only is it simple to whip up like her camping breakfast burritos; but you can store them in a baggie until ready-to-cook! Perfect for lunch or dinner options when away from home, this creative dish will be sure to impress all who try it - and save precious prep time too.

If you're on the hunt for a mouth-watering side dish that can be divided into four easy containers, look no further than this amazing mac and cheese recipe! Lauren's Latest adds an extra delectable element by using alfredo sauce to create an even more delicious flavor.

Do you have any favorite campfire recipes of your own? Let me know - we love spending time outdoors camping and could benefit from having additional tasty dishes in our culinary arsenal!

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