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10 Best Family Camping Tents: Your Guide to Outdoor Fun This Summer!

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

One of the greatest ways to get your family outdoors is camping early with your kids. Tent camping is the perfect way to introduce them to the best parts of living in this beautiful world. Your kids will never forget the late night fires, stargazing nights or toasting marshmallows around the campfire. Lets be honest its not always easy to go anywhere let alone camping with your kids. A good camping tent can elevate your family camping experience, family tent camping provides privacy, a place to go in the rain, and protection from the cold wind and rain.

If you're looking to introduce your family to the camping world or just want to upgrade from your current accommodations, we've put together a list of the best family camping tents on the market today. This list of the best family camping tents has an huge array of styles from all the best outdoor brands. From Marmot, Coleman, REI co op, and Big Agnes you will find the perfect family camping tent for all your needs. Whether you are looking at a camping trip, car camping, or the best backpacking tents for a hiking adventure we have you covered. We will also add some helpful tips and tricks at the end of the list to ensure you have the best family camping experience.

This is a great car camping tent for families. The REI co op nemo wagontop is one of the best family camping tents with plenty of space and features to make your family campout perfect. This six person tent has amazing tent walls, mesh ceiling, but may not be your budget camping tent at $600.

The Nemo Wagontop 6 is one of the best family tents on this list, it's a wonderful tent for frequent campers who spend multiple weekends a year in the great outdoors. It's tall and has plenty of breathing room for the whole family. If you want to enjoy your morning coffee outside while avoiding bugs, there's also a screen room that is big enough for some camp chairs and a portable camping table. This camping tent is perfect for the inclement weather with is durable tent poles and large living space with enough room for the dog too.

The rei co op wonderland 6 is an amazing camping tent for warm weather, inclement weather, or any season you need one of those large camping tents. The Larger Groundcloth is a spacious tent that comes in three colors to choose from. It has vertical tent walls and a large floor area, as well as plenty of storage pockets. If you're camping with children, the internal room divider that splits this tent into two separate spaces is ideal. With its sturdy fabric, durable poles, and provided rainfly, this option from REI co op will make sure your family stays dry during a storm. The floor space in this camper allows for loads of storage space. Perfect tent for any family looking to do their first car camping trip.

The Coleman Elite Montana is one of the best car camping tents on the market. If you have a family of six or more, this tent is for you — it's huge! The interior height of over seven feet makes it feel more like a cabin than a tent, and the 16- by 11-foot floor plan leaves plenty of room for cots, sleeping bags, and all your gear. It has an exclusive WeatherTec system that uses welded floors and inverted seams to keep water out, as well as a vented rainfly to reduce condensation inside the tent.

This multi-purpose tent is ideal for families looking for alternatives. The tent is big enough for six people and includes a large welcome mat to keep the inside of your tent clean. The backpack-style carry bag is well-designed, allowing you to pack each part of the tent separately. Additionally, because you can also utilize it as a shade structure, screen house, or gear shed, the Big Agnes Big House is one of the most versatile tents on this list.

The Marmot Limestone Tent is a great all-around car camping tent for families. With a spacious interior and plenty of headroom, it's perfect for rainy days spent inside. The waterproof fabric and taped seams will keep you dry if the weather takes a turn for the worse, and the large doors make it easy to get in and out. If you're camping with small children, the included gear loft is a great place to store toys or blankets.

This six-person cabin tent from Alps Mountaineering will keep you dry and protected. It's not as sturdy as some of the other tents on this list, but it has a much lower price tag. Fiberglass poles add to the tent's longevity, while the tall form provides plenty of room. This tent also features smaller, screened windows, which is perfect for keeping the bugs out.

7 Best Larger Tents for Families: Ozark Trail Three-Room Family Cabin Tent

A three-room Ozark Traill is the answer if you're hosting a family reunion or traveling with your loved ones and want individual rooms for your kids. This tent can fit four queen-size air mattresses or accommodate 16 people (in sleeping bags). You won't have to worry about stagnant air thanks to the many windows; this tent has six windows and a mesh roof. The two doors also help with ventilation, as does the ground vent.

From the sun-scorched deserts to the rainforests of Olympic National Park, some families like to camp in all kinds of weather. If that describes you and your crew, you'll need a tent that can keep up with you and offer superior weather protection. This fully waterproof family tent is one of our top selections because it includes a strong yet lightweight aluminum frame, a water-repellent canopy, and an inner mesh layer to keep pesky mosquitoes at bay.

The best part is that the tent can be divided into two rooms by means of a detachable divider, allowing you some peace and quiet while sleeping.

The Coleman WeatherMaster 8 is a popular tent for large group camping excursions. It can accommodate 10 people, although the dome-style tent is better suited to a family of six that require more storage options. The hinged door makes it easy for youngsters to get in and out without fumbling with zippers. Overall, this tent provides excellent value for the price.

The Eureka Copper Canyon is a great choice for larger families or groups. It sleeps up to eight people and has a six-foot center height, so even tall campers will have plenty of headroom. The tent is made with waterproof fabric and features taped seams to keep moisture

How to choose a family camping tent

Choosing a camping tent that can accommodate the number of people you require it to is not as simple as purchasing something that will hold the appropriate amount of people. There are several more factors to consider when spending days at a time in closer proximity to your children, making it a much more pleasurable and entertaining experience for everyone involved.

How big does your family camping tent need to be?

The maximum number of folks that a tent may comfortably shelter over the night is determined by its capacity to accommodate four people, for example. However, this doesn't always offer much more personal area than a standard sleeping mat. This isn't an issue if you are only camping for a night or two, but with a week-long holiday comes a week 's worth of gear. A larger tent will also make it easier to move around, and perhaps even stand up in if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

If you value your personal space and are likely to have more than a bag full of personal belongings, the combination tent with rooms that accommodate more individuals than your family is recommended.

How much space do you need?

The next thing to think about is the amount of living and sleeping space your tent offers. Although it's unlikely, consider that you'll be camping in wet and rainy weather. Even if there's just a day's rain, assuming that you have enough space in your tent to relax in when the weather gets bad can make all the difference. Separate sleeping and living areas are also necessary, especially if you have little children who will go to bed early. A family camping tent with a screened porch is ideal, as your tented living room should provide plenty of space for the following activities:

  • A table and chairs/stools – this is great for dining during the cooler evenings or that morning cup of coffee

  • Storing dry food and a spot for the cooler.

  • Storing all the cooking equipment and plates etc.

  • Cooking your camp meals.

  • a spot for your shoes and boots.

The best family camping tents should also be tall enough for adults to stand in.

Versatility is key

There are some excellent family camping tents on the market that offer great space efficiency and storage possibilities, but these are only appropriate for outdoor camping in areas where bad weather is unlikely. If you like to camp in the summer, you don't have to be concerned about having a fantastic waterproof fly sheet, for example.

However, for optimal versatility, a tent that will stand up to all conditions will go the distance for many years of camping. A few other features to look for in a versatile tent design:

  • I love internal walls to be put up. If the tent is set up, it creates a spacious common area with additional privacy between tented areas. If taken down, it becomes a single huge communal space.

  • Fly sheets that can be pinned back to allow for star-gazing and a breeze on warm clear nights. Check out my hammock camping article if you want some really great starry nights while camping

  • If there are a lot of people using the tent, numerous entrances are really helpful. You may also change to utilizing a different entrance if the wind shifts.

  • With a lot of ventilation panels and numerous usage possibilities, a fantastic tent should have.

  • Without the bugs joining in, you may still receive a breeze without having to worry about bugs congregating on your windows.

Add-on options for tents may be purchased separately from the main tent. These can provide a lot of room usage possibilities and should be considered once you've used your tent a few times.

How durable is your family camping tent?

Camping trips are a major vacation for many families. As a result, purchasing one of the top family camping tents on the market that provides plenty of room and withstands storms and heat is essential. But, more significantly, it's critical to ensure that the investment will endure beyond just a summer or two of outdoor adventures. Look for the following features:

  • Seam sealed rain fly

  • A waterproof treated or coated rain fly

  • Robust and smooth running zips

  • A tough built-in floor

  • Strong stakes that won’t bend easily

  • Strong poles – steel or aluminium

Internal storage pockets or gear lofts in the tent's ceiling are found on most of the finest big tents. These are fantastic space savers and can help you stay organized. Hanging lights or setting up a washing line using hooks and ties is also quite handy.

Is your tent weatherproof?

Not all family tents are made for all weather, but even summer tents must resist if a storm hits and only the best family camping tents will do so successfully. The wet out of sealed seams can be aided with taping, as well as having a rain fly over the main tent that reaches to the ground. Many fly sheets are coated with a waterproof finish, but it is not as durable as seam sealing and will eventually wear off.

For extreme weather, consider a four-season tent that's built to withstand strong winds, heavy rain, and even snowfall. These family tents are often more expensive than three-season tents but offer the versatility of being usable all year round.

How easy is is to put up your family camping tent?

In general, the larger or more spacious tent, the more difficult it is to put up on your own. But this is not always the case, and if an easy to pitch tent is high on your list of priorities, then some best big tents with a simpler tent designs might be for you.

What is the floor like?

Family camping tents may be equipped with a variety of floor coverings. Some come with a standalone groundsheet, while others come with an entirely built-in "tub-style" flooring and still others have an internal tent and porch or vestibule that is completely floorless. While a built-in floor is useful in keeping pests like insects and snakes out, it also has the potential to tear if not cared for properly. A groundsheet offers some protection from the elements but can also allow water and mud in if not placed correctly. A floorless porch or vestibule is great for keeping gear dry and allowing a space to take off muddy boots but may let bugs in if left open.

How heavy is your family camping tent?

For once in the camping business, weight and mobility aren't as important as they are in other areas. Yes, you don't want to carry a 100lb tent from your vehicle to the campsite every day, but if it means that you have a sturdy and long-lasting tent that will last a lifetime of family camping trips, it's worth it. Some of the best family tents are going to be heavy that's for sure. Looking for a good car camping tent is much different than a backpacking tent. The best family tents are the ones that fit your needs of your family. So get out there whether your looking to but the best car camping tent, best family tents, best dome style tent, or backpacking tent. We have a great list for you to take that leap into a family friendly tent everyone can enjoy.

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